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Noisedeck is a virtual console for mixing visual noise, by Generative Toys. With a little patience and an eye for experimentation, anyone can use Noisedeck to make amazing art.

Noisedeck uses a simple layout which loosely resembles a DJ mixer. There are "left" and "right" noise synthesizer modules, a "mixer" module to blend the two noises, and a post-processing module to apply effects to the final output.


To get started with Noisedeck, you may choose one of the many presets (or just randomize everything), and fine-tune (or just fidget with) the parameters from there. If you would like to come back to a favorite composition later, the current module layout and control settings can be saved to a preset.


We've got a documentation wiki and development roadmap (currently undergoing restructure) on GitHub.

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Credits and Attributions

Credits and attributions for code and assets used by Noisemaker are listed here.

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We are reachable on Twitter, on our discussion forum, or by email.


Noisedeck is ©2021 Generative Toys, LLC.

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